$60/ Hour for Dreadlock maintenance. This process can take 1-4 hours for a full head of locks. Maintenance is recommended every 2-3 months for new Dreads until they have matured. 

Dreadlock Maintenance includes:

tightening and cleaning base/roots

smoothing out the lumps and bumps

tucking in loose hairs

if needed thickening thin areas


separating Locks

Starting new dreadlocks: $75/ hour (*$300 deposit) *applied towards balance of service non refundable

Services time for thick or fine, short hair ( min 3" in length) without or with extensions up to 10" is 4-8 hours to create great looking results takes TIME this service runs $300-$600 

Service time for thick or fine, long hair is at least 10-20 hours for a full head w/o extensions ( 2-3 day process depending on how long you can sit) to create a great looking locs takes TIME this service is $750- $1500

Custom crochet Extensions can be added for length, synthetic or human hair)

Custom Faux dreadlocks ( temporary styles) can be custom made***

Material - 100% kanekalon or human hair. cost is $300+ for full head

De dreadlocks:

10 de dreads = 10 pieces (20 ends)
20 de dreads = 20 pieces (40 ends)
60 de dreads = FULL SET 60 pieces (120 ends) - this is enough to entire whole head.

Se dreadlocks: (A Single Ended Faux Dread is one dread with a loop at the top which you can put your own hair through and braid it in)

x15 se dreads = 15 pieces (15 ends)
x30 se dreads = 30 pieces (30 ends)
x70 se dreads = 70 pieces (70 ends) - this is enough to cover whole head

Dread extensions:  have natural dreads and want to lengthen them? choice of human  hair ( more expensive) or Kanekalon synthetic hair.  ( less expensive) 

***Please note: the creation of  faux dreads and extensions (processing time ) takes 2-3 weeks.​​


Crochet dreadlocks - length 10-24 inches.


 Faux Dread extensions are lightweight and re-usable. You can wear them for 2-3 months before removing them.
These dreads can be braided into the hair or mounted with elastic to make falls.

You can wash them! It helps if you mix some shampoo with water, and then pour it over your head and lather, concentrating on the scalp. You don't need to worry too much about washing the dreads themselves, because they are made of synthetic fiber and don't really attract oil and dust. however feel free to do so they smell clean.
All dreads are made to order, so I need some time to do them.  If you know you would like to place the order for special occasions, please do not wait until the last minute and expecting your order to be shipped right away when you place the order. 

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