Haircuts, Beard grooming & Hot lather Shaves are our specialty, but we will have more grooming services to offer beyond our Regular menu.... Stay tuned as we will add as we go

Beard Shaping w/ Shave

Beard Trimmed and shaped with scissors and/or clippers.

Hot steam towel with straight razor line up on cheeks and neck. finished with skin tonic and hydrating beard styling balm

haircut and bead_edited.jpg

Haircut w/Beard Shaping or Hot Lather Shave

A gentleman is always on point and perfectly tailored. lets us worry about the details while you relax!

full detail includes: classic haircut , neck shave finished style, hot towel & straight razor on the cheeks and neck 


Classic Haircut

Handcrafted hair cut and style using scissor and/or clippers, cleansing scalp massage, neck shave 


Cleaning up root area and loose hair thru out dreadlocks for a clean fresh look includes neck clean up and line up if needed

Image by Arthur Humeau

Hot Lather Shave

relaxing traditional hot lather straight razor shave with steam towels & light massage, finished with skin tonic

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Recovery Mini Facial

45 minutes detox facial cleansing with multiple steam towels, exfoliation &  light facial massage 

Satisfaction Guarantee

all of our service are guaranteed 

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